Media/Blog articles about the danger of drug trafficking

Singapore video: Nigerian man tricking Singapore woman to be drug mule

Feb 18, 2017 TV program "Special Assignment - The Last Run" (South African Broadcasting Corporation) about Nigerian Drug Lords in South Africa, sending mules to Hong Kong

Feb 18, 2017: Extra videos and a transcript made by Special Assignment team

Dec 7, 2016: Australian love-scam victim Yoshe Ann Taylor's appeal rejected by Cambodian court as Nigerian conman lashes out

Nov 17, 2016: Australian love-scam victim in Cambodian jail after being tricked by Nigerian Drug Lord

Oct 20, 2016: Two Nigerians arrested for drug trafficking in India

July 29: Indonesian and three Nigerians executed for drug crimes
July 29: Executed prisoners took up to 15 minutes to die - Fr Charlie Burrows O.M.I.

May 24, 2016: "200 Zimbabwean women on death row in China caused by Nigerian men'

Feb 1, 2016:      132 Nigerians waiting to die….120 on death row in China

Dec 26, 2015: There are many dozens of Nigerian drug mules in HK prisons, but only one of them is a  ...woman!
Only one Nigerian woman in detention in HK!  I was surprised to learn this on Dec 25....when I met the good lady herself. 
On the other hand, there are dozens of Tanzanian, Kenyan and South African women. 

2015-11-19 "Nigerian drug mules" should be replaced by "Igbo drug mules"

2015-08-05 West African syndicates tricking Australians to be drug mules - ABC

June 7: Two Female Nigerian Drug Traffickers Busted on Their Way to China
(report is not so clear....presume/hope women were arrested in Nigeria ....and no "noose" in China ...rather, injection or bullet)

2012: Nigerians in Thailand: Two Sides to Every Story

Feb 19, 2000: Nigerian Mr Bigs take on mafia drug barons | UK news | The Guardian

One reason for the success of the Nigerians is their method of smuggling. While Colombians might send a ship with 500 kilos, the Nigerians will send 300 couriers, each carrying a few kilos. Even if only a few get through, the margins are high enough to guarantee a profit.

The syndicates make use of hundreds of well-established Nigerian communities around the world as a cover for their activities. Tens of thousands of Nigerians can be found in the most unlikely locations - 50,000 live in São Paulo, Brazil, 25,000 in Bangkok, and 500,000 in South Africa, where they dominate the crack trade.